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Data sources

Information from a range of institutions and private individuals has been compiled for the GOOSEMAP project. There are probably additional unregistered information available, and we urge those who have such information either to enter them on databases at The Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre, by using the link, or to contact Ingunn Tombre, NINA, for further assistance or arrangements.

Data from the following sources are the basis for information presented in the maps:

  • Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI) databases: the fauna database, the monitoring database, the seabird database (in co-operation with NINA), various reports and observations from NPI (Kit Kovacs, Christian Lydersen, Hallvard Strøm)
  • The EU-funded project FRAGILE: including data the National Environmental Research Institute (NERI, now University of Aarhus, AU), NINA and NPI
  • University of Groningen, Arctic Centre (Jouke Prop)
  • Christiane Hübner, NPI
  • Georg Bangjord (Norwegian Nature Inspectorate)
  • Spring registrations organised by the Governor of Svalbard (reports available at Longyearbyen Field Biological Association’s homepage) including the following observers: G. Bangjord, R. Bergstrøm, N. Seifert, M. Chudzinska, R. Eide, B. Frantzen, O. Frengen, S. Gaga, S. Hammer, C. Hübner, C. Kilander, S. Kirkemoen, M. Lagerborg, A. Lyssand, Ø. Overrein, J. Speed, J. O. Scheie, L. Ulbrych, Ø. Varpe, E. Wrånes)
  • Longyearbyen Field Biological Association: reports at the homepage and information from Oddvar Hagen
  • University of Groningen
  • Tony Fox & Gwen Fox (AU) 
  • The British Schools Exploring Society, BSES (Helen Jewell, Alison McLure et al.)
  • Peter Prokosch
  • Guttorm N. Christensen, Akvaplan-niva
  • Data from The Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre, including1st October 2012 (several observers)
  • Data from satellite-tagged geese
    • Pink-footed goose: Jesper Madsen/Christian Glahder (AU)
    • Barnacle goose: Larry Griffin (Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust)
    • Light-bellied brent goose: Preben Clausen (AU)

All data have been reviewed in detail and verified by specialists involved the project. Most of the records have site-specific coordinates. Some information is not digitised in databases but remains very valuable for the project. These are included by using Georg Bangjord’s and Jesper Madsen’s expert judgement on the quality of the data, including the classifications provided and location categories.